* Please note: you are responsible for the cost of shipping your milk. It costs around $3.50 if you ship per my instructions.

*Half an ounce of milk is needed per order and is enough for 3-4 pieces of jewelry.

Please note: I have a 20% cancellation fee on all orders. There will be no refunds on finished products. By purchasing, you are agreeing to this policy.


Instructions for checking for your order number

Key: blue-milk has been received

        yellow- milk has been preserved and pictures will be posted on my social media accounts.

       green- the jewelry is being made

       pink- the order has been shipped. You may get shipment notifications before the piece is done as I try to only print               labels once a week.

The purple date at the top is the day the spreadsheet was last updated

To search for your order number on a desktop or laptop press Ctrl+F and type in order number.

To search on android tap the 3 bars at the bottom of the your phone and click "Find on page"

To search on iphone click the share button (box with an arrow sticking out) and click "Find on page"

Spreadsheet is updated at least once a week, depending on how many packages I have to check in. 

Milks are not in numerical order. This is the order in which they were received and the order in which they will be made.